Hampton University MARC Program - Scholarship

The MARC program:

  1. Supports partial tuition and fees in the amount of $11,842 per year per MARC Scholar for his/her junior and senior academic school years.
  2. Provides a stipend in the amount of $1,049 per month per MARC Scholar for 24 consecutive months (junior and senior years), starting June 1st of the rising junior year. In some rare instances, MARC Scholars might start on September 1st of their junior year and therefore their scholarship would be for 21 consecutive months instead of 24.
  3. Helps partially defray the cost of two summer research experiences (SRE) at research intensive institutes. Trainee will not be reimbursed if the research institute covers these expenses.
  4. Helps partially defray the cost of attending at least one conference in the continental USA which will be chosen by the MARC director during either the trainee’s junior or senior year.

The MARC Scholarship Program is normally a 24 month program.
However, please note that:

  1. All MARC awards and activities are contingent upon:
    1. Availability of funds from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS).
    2. The successful appointment of the MARC Trainees via the NIH X-TRAIN website.
    3. Hampton University approval.
  2. MARC trainees cannot receive additional support from any other federally-sponsored award that would duplicate the fiscal support of what trainees receive in the MARC program. If for example complementary housing and meal support is received during the summer research, the MARC trainee would not incur reimbursable costs through the MARC program.
  3. Failure to comply with any of the MARC requirements as listed in the signed MARC Scholar/Trainee award letter during the course of matriculation in the MARC program will result in the dismissal from the MARC Program and termination of the MARC Scholar /Trainee award.

Have Questions?

Please contact Dr. Cecile Andraos-Selim, HU MARC Program Director, Associate Professor of Biology, Department of Biological Sciences; DU117; 757-727-5015; cecile.andraos-selim@hamptonu.edu

The MARC Program is Funded by NIH/NIGMS Grant #1T34GM105550-01A1