Hampton University MARC Program - Requirements


All MARC Scholars / Trainees will:

  1. Participate in two 10-week summer research experiences, at approved MARC extramural research institutions, beginning in the summer following the sophomore academic year.
  2. Conduct mentored research for 8-10 hours per week with an approved intramural/extramural MARC research mentor during the junior academic year.


All MARC Scholars / Trainees will:

  1. Complete the requirements for graduation with a bachelor's degree in 4 semesters following appointment to the program.
  2. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or above on a 4.0 scale for the duration of participation in the program.
  3. Meet with their assigned MARC faculty advisor at least once a month to discuss progress through the curriculum and share any concerns; meet with the MARC Director at least once a semester.
  4. Successfully complete all courses and workshops required in the MARC program curriculum.
    Required MARC courses based on the MARC Scholar's major:

    Biology, Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering:
    • BIO 105 (Intro to Biology the HONORS section);
    • CHE 201-202 (General Chemistry);
    • CHE301/302 (Organic Chemistry);
    • MAT151/152 (Calculus I/II);
    • BIO 311 (Biotechnology Exploration);
    • BIO 312 (Molecular Biology);
    • CHE 303-304 (Biochemistry) or CHE 501-502 (Advanced Biochemistry);
    • BIO 425 (MARC Research Seminar)
    • Statistics course (either the 3-credits to-be developed course (Big data/statistics), MAT 205, MAT 305, MAT 312, ESC 301-Biometry or PHA 332-Biostatistics);
    • PHY 201-202 or PHY 203-204 (Physics);
    • BIO 415 (Fundamentals of Cell Biology);
    • and BIO 408 (Research Problems) or BIO 505.
    Mathematics Majors:
    • BIO 105 (Intro to Bio);
    • CHE 201-202 (General Chemistry);
    • MAT151/152 (Calculus I/II);
    • BIO 311 (Biotechnology Exploration) or BIO 312 (Molecular Biology);
    • BIO 425-MARC Research Seminar;
    • Statistics course (either the 3-credits to-be developed course (Big data/statistics), MAT 205, MAT 305, MAT 312, ESC 301-Biometry or PHA 332-Biostatistics);
    • PHY 201-202 or PHY 203-204 (Physics);
    • and either BIO 415 (Fundamentals of Cell Biology), BIO 512 (Cell Biology) or BIO 336 (Human Physiology).
  5. Other MARC Requirements:
    1. Participate in the Responsible Conduct of Research Workshop (required only once during the 4 years of matriculation in the pre-MARC / MARC program).
    2. Participate in the Verbal Reasoning Workshop.
    3. Participate in the MARC Journal Club in the Department of Biological Sciences during both their junior and senior years.
  6. Complete these two capstone activities below during the senior year:
    1. Write a senior thesis based on either academic year or summer research and orally defend it in the BIO 425 - MARC research seminar.
    2. Work as a teaching assistant for one semester in one of the special sections of MARC funded laboratories.


All MARC Scholars / Trainees will:

  1. Attend at least one national scientific conference during participation in the program which will be decided upon by the program director.
  2. Give a poster and/or oral presentation at least at a national scientific conference and at the HU School of Science Research Symposium.
  3. Orally defend the capstone senior thesis described above during the senior year in the BIO 425-MARC Research Seminar.

Other Activities

All MARC Scholars / Trainees will:

  1. Prepare and take the GRE test (fi interested in PhD) by Sept 10th of your senior year or the MCAT (if interested in MD/PhD) by July 30th summer between the end of junior year and beginning of senior year. Share the GRE or MCAT results with the MARC Program Director.
  2. Apply to at least five biomedical related PhD (or MD/PhD) programs at competitive, research-intensive universities by no later than the fall of the senior year. Submit proof of application to Dr. Andraos-Selim by the end of November of senior year.
  3. Notify the MARC Program Director in writing of the final decision to attend a particular graduate program by April 30th of the senior year.
  4. Matriculate into a biomedical PhD or MD/PhD program within no more than three years following completion of the bachelor's degree at HU.

Required Conduct

All MARC Scholars will:

  1. Uphold the Hampton University Code of Conduct and Dress Code during all intramural and extramural MARC program activities.
  2. Arrive on time to all MARC activities and meetings and provide documented notification in advance of absences.
  3. Respond in a timely manner to all requests made by MARC faculty and the designated MARC evaluator through email or other communication modes.

Failure to comply with any of the MARC requirements as listed in the signed MARC Scholar /Trainee Award Participation Letter during the course of matriculation in the MARC program will result in the dismissal from the MARC Program and termination of the MARC Scholar /Trainee award.

Have Questions?

Please contact Dr. Cecile Andraos-Selim, HU MARC Program Director, Associate Professor of Biology, Department of Biological Sciences; DU117; 757-727-5015; cecile.andraos-selim@hamptonu.edu

The MARC Program is Funded by NIH/NIGMS Grant #1T34GM105550-01A1