Hampton University MARC Program - PreMARC Eligibility and Requirements

Pre-MARC Program - Eligibility:

  1. Be a full-time student with a major in biology, biochemistry, mathematics or chemical engineering.
  2. Be a U.S. citizen, noncitizen national or permanent resident.
  3. Have an open mind to consider a research career in biomedical sciences.

Pre-MARC Program – Requirements:

Required Pre-MARC courses based on the major:
These courses must be taken during your freshman/sophomore years.

  1. Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemical Engineering majors:
    • BIO105 (Intro to Bio I);
    • CHE 201-202 (General Chemistry);
    • CHE301/302 (Organic Chemistry);
    • MAT151/152 (Calculus I/II);
    • BIO 311 (Biotechnology Exploration);
    • and BIO 312 (Molecular Biology).

Please note that Biology Pre-MARC students must follow the Cell and Molecular Biology curriculum.

  1. Mathematics major:
    • BIO105 (Intro to Bio);
    • CHE 201-202 (General Chemistry);
    • MAT151/152 (Calculus I/II);
    • BIO 311 (Biotechnology Exploration);
    • BIO 312 (Molecular Biology)

Other Pre-MARC Requirements

Participation in:

  1. Pathway to PhD workshop.
  2. Responsible Conduct of Research workshop.
  3. MARC Journal club.
  4. Other TBA Pre-MARC activities and meetings.

Required Conduct

  1. Uphold the Hampton University Code of Conduct and Dress Code during all intramural and extramural pre-MARC program activities.
  2. Arrive on time to all pre-MARC activities and meetings and provide documented notification in advance of absences.
  3. Respond in a timely manner to all requests made by MARC faculty and the MARC evaluator through email or other communication modes.

Have Questions?

Please contact Dr. Cecile Andraos-Selim, HU MARC Program Director, Associate Professor of Biology, Department of Biological Sciences; DU117; 757-727-5015; cecile.andraos-selim@hamptonu.edu

The MARC Program is Funded by NIH/NIGMS Grant #1T34GM105550-01A1