Hampton University MARC Program - Personnel

MARC Faculty

Dr. John David Mably Dr. John David Mably Associate Professor, Biological Sciences Location:W. Frank Fountain Building206B Phone:617-728-6057 Expertise:cardiovascular research, heart development, zebrafish animal model Read Bio »
Dr. Indu Sharma Dr. Indu Sharma Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences Location:Dupont Hall107 Phone:757-727-5914 Expertise:Malaria, Plasmodium falciparum, Epigenetic's, Post translational modification, protein arginine methylation, Non coding RNA, gene regulation, growth & development. Red deep sea crabs, Microbiome, Metagnomics, Ribotyping, Read Bio »
Dr. Arun K Verma Dr. Arun K Verma Professor and Chair, Mathematics Location:Science and Technology318 Phone:757-728-6983 Expertise:Perturbation Techniques, modeling and numerical simulation, and educational technology Read Bio »
Dr. Justin L Wilson Dr. Justin L Wilson Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences Location:Dupont Hall308 Phone:757-727-5492 Expertise:Health Disparities, Hypertension, Renal Disease

Have Questions?

Please contact Dr. Cecile Andraos-Selim, HU MARC Program Director, Associate Professor of Biology, Department of Biological Sciences; DU117; 757-727-5015; cecile.andraos-selim@hamptonu.edu

The MARC Program is Funded by NIH/NIGMS Grant #1T34GM105550-01A1